Analyse facial asymmetry and draw eyebrows, Create natural hair strokes with microneedles

The initial treatment takes 3 hours.

* (including initial consultation and patch test 24hours before the treatment and a free first touch up after 6 weeks)

Microblading hairstroke eyebrow *


Touch up within 3 months


Touch up within 6 months


Touch up within 9 months


Touch up within 12 months


Touch up within 18 months



Facial hair and eyebrows

Eyebrow styling and threading first time(30-40min)


Touch up and threading every three weeks(30min)


Touch up and threading every two weeks(15 min)




Side burns



Hydrating and Anti-Aging

Deep Cleansing

Hydrating and anti-aging facial (55-60min)


Microneedling sessions ( additional 30-45min)


Deep Cleansing Facial (30min)